Valley Church

The Valley Church of Cupertino property is approximately 385,395 (8.8 acres) in size and is located on the west side of North Stelling Road just south of Homestead Road in Cupertino. In 2003, the Valley Church developed a tennis court recreation area on a 0.8-acre portion of the Church property without permits or approvals from the City. The tennis court project included five full tennis courts and one half-court practice area, as well as outdoor lighting and fencing. The Valley Church sought to obtain retroactive approvals for the tennis court area, however, after years of discussions, little progress had been made.

JHS was hired in 2016 by Valley Church to prepare a retroactive application for a Major Use Permit and Architectural and Site Approval, and to lead and coordinate the processing of the project application through the City’s entitlement and planning approval process. After much coordination and collaboration with the City and Valley Church team, JHS was able to lead the effort to resolve the outstanding technical and permit issues, and to obtain the retroactive approvals from the City.